Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2- Review

The Star Lord is back with his gang of guardians. And they will be saving the universe, again!  Secrets revealed, emotions unravelled, this sequel has action, drama, humour and some more. Continuing with the search of Peter Quill’s father this movie deals with sibling bonding between Gamorra and Nebula, love interest between Drax and Mantis and redefining friendship between Rocket and Groot. Entirely a fun movie, this must not be missed.

Those who missed on the prequel of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” here is a quick overview. Peter Quill, played by Chris Pratt, was kidnapped by Yondu (a space pirate) from earth when his mother died. He was supposed to be delivered to his father Ego (very powerful celestial). Instead, Yondu raised Peter by himself. The reasons for this are revealed in the sequel “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”. Peter leaves Yondu and leads a life of his own which is not entirely ethical. During his escapades he forms an unusual team of guardians. Comprising of Gamorra the warrior, Drax the destroyer, Rocket a genetically modified racoon and Groot a tree like humanoid, the guardians along with Star Lord (Peter Quill) form a superhero team. This team takes on the task of saving the galaxy from super villains like Ronan and Nebula.

In the sequel, Peter’s father finds Peter and his team and saves them from a drone attack. During the course of time Peter discovers his father’s true nature and once again teams up with the Guardians to save the universe from dangerous celestial powers. He is joined by Yondu, Mantis and Nebula in his fight.

Supported by a fine ensemble of actors “Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2” is a fast paced action movie that will keep you riveted to your seat. Zoe Saldana in the role of Gamorra brings finesse to the character. It seems that colour suits her. Blue in Avatar and now green in Guardians she certainly brings the best in her characters on screen.

Chris Pratt, though not the initial choice for Peter of director Gunn, has worked hard for the role and that reflects in his on screen portrayal of the Star Lord. As Peter says in the movie that “I am a dancer”, we can say that, Chris is an actor who can act really well.

Other actors have done justice to their characters as well, be it Dave Bautista as Drax or Bradley Cooper as Rocket. Vin Diesel has shown how different nuances of character can be revealed with just one dialogue (“I am Groot”) in the whole movie.

Generally sequels do not keep up to their predecessor’s image; but writer-director James Gunn has ensured that the movie is fresh and different. The movie boasts of some fine visuals which can be fully enjoyed in 3D. The sound track of the movie is awesome which includes some really known and famous songs.

This movie is more than 2 hours of full entertainment and definitely value for your money.