Get Entertained and Learn a Lesson or Two Watching Movies

You watch movies not only for entertainment but also you can learn something watching them. A number of movies are made and released every month. Many a time you are spoiled for choice as to which movie to watch when there is more than one movie released during the week.

Movies are made in different genres like Sci Fi, Romcoms, Thriller, Adventure, Horror and so on.


Each of these genres has its own appeal for you


The sci fi films take you to a different world. You see some things which you may not have imagined. Some of the sci fi movies that are really appreciable are alien, inception, interstellar to name just a few. The makers of these movies are really genius. They take you to a future era or another world and leave you in complete awe.


The horror movies like a wish upon, the cabin in the woods, the conjuring are really appreciated by the masses. Some of these have created a suspense that will leave you in such trepidation that you are bound to admire the makers of the movie.


Another genre that leaves you extolled is the action movies. You have movies like the bond series; die hard, the dark knight, King Kong are liked not only by the kids but people of all ages. You have suspense drama and everything in this kind of movies. You are fully entertained and watching them is a good pastime.


Then you have biopic which you should not miss watching. Coal miner’s daughter, milk, I’m not there and the others are really worth watching. Watching these movies you get an insight into the lives of some great souls. There may be stories written about them. But watching them on screen is a joy in itself. You learn so much from their life and also you get entertained. Once in a while, you should watch such movies too.


Further, you have adventure movies. These are complete entertainers for all ages. Spiderman, Batman, Superman Series, The Lost City of Z and the like leave you completely daunted. The way these kinds of movies are made leave you impressed and you will want to watch these movies again and again.

Added to the above list are the comedies. These are complete entertainers. The kids love these movies and also the older generation. You forget your worries watching a film that is full of comedy. The comedies that you should not miss are Hangover, American Pie, Dumb and Dumber are just a few that will leave you in splits. These movies can be watched repeatedly every day and still you will feel that you are watching them for the first time.


Apart from these genres, you have the romantic movies. Titanic, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember and the like are all-time favorites. Romance depicted on the screen leaves you mesmerized. You learn a lesson or two on how to build your relationship and retain that you have.


You have mystery movies that are a class apart from the rest. Memento, seven, prestige and the like leave you spellbound. How the suspense is created and the storyline is carried ahead leave you enthralled. You will be surprised as to how you never guessed the mystery though it was just obvious. This shows the skill of the movie makers to get the audience stay glued to the seats.


My opinion is that learning a lesson or two from watching movies and also getting entertained is a good thing. Whether you watch the movies at home on TV or in a theater they leave you entertained. So I love watching movies sometimes on TV and even in theaters.