Why You Should Watch War for the Planets of the Apes

The Review of the Movie War for the Planets of the Apes

The Director: Matt Reeves,

Starring: Andy Serkis, Woody Harrleson, Karin Konoval, Steve Zahn, Terry Notary, and Amiah Miller.

Running time: 142 mins

After the rise and the dawn, the ape series has reached the war stage. This can be called a maddening development for the ones who hoped for more.

The simians consider the humans their enemies in this series and this is completely depicted in the last of the ape series very well and in a thrilling way. The revenge epic is pulled effectively by the Director Matt Reeves. The words on the tunnel wall ape-pocalypse now are seen scrawled in one scene. This shows the parallels is conspicuous.

The ape evolution is set on a fast track after the 15 years of the rise of the biotechnological events. In a no-man’s forest humans attack the stockade built by the apes. During the attack slogans like Bedtime for Bonzo, Monkey Killer and so on are suggestive of the fact that the enmity between these two species is entrenched firmly.

You can see the lines of loyalty are seen to be muddier with the soldiers have the apes on their side. The fighting starts with a bitter note and it is intense. You can see the official human armed men but this group does not seem to qualify.

The Colonel McCullough (Woody Harrelson) commands the rogue alpha-omega platoon. It shows how close this Sci Fi has strayed to Heart of Darkness. The ape leader chimpanzee Caesar played by Andy Serkis confronts Colonel McCullough at the waterfall hideaway of the animals. Here a blood debt was set up. And this has to be avenged. A small team comprising of trusted allies like orangutan advisor Maurice (Karin Konoval) Caesar will abandon his tribe and heads to the McCullough base which is in the wilderness in a frozen land. Here it seems that the primate prisoners are waiting for their Moses.

Serkis is seen to be in an exceptional form. Uncanny ape acting by Terry Notary is brilliant, to say the least. The whole effect created by the actor’s performance is really praiseworthy.

What you see of Amiah Miller in this movie is extraordinary for the first five minutes and then you stop noticing it. You can see the uncanny valley has been flattened and becomes a desert which looks like real.

The director has seemed to cross some technological threshold and brings the camera very close to the simian leads. It gazes into the eyes of the apes and creates a close-up that is really mesmerizing.

The young girl (Amiah Miller) is befriended by the orangutan Maurice. She is mute and she becomes the companion of these simians when they are traveling at a place which is an abandoned homestead near the coast. This scene is really overwhelming.

The way it is picturized is really amazing and it creates the magic that the director wished to create. It also depicts the foundational techniques of the cinema too.

The film has to click and for that, the characters of the apes have to be invested in as much as the human characters. The soulful stares being the vital part of the movie is skillfully played and so convincing. The comic timing is also perfectly played.

The solemn tone is struck from the beginning and all through the movie this tone never deviates. The wartime scenes and the comical scenes are all earnest.

You also feel the history is made justice in the scenes of Caesar and his companions in the horizon stretching wide shots. Reeves has done a real justice to the battle scenes to the full too.

All in all, it is a watchable movie for people of all ages. Though it has a lot of war scenes and a few funny scenes you are fully entertained and you will get your money’s worth.

Everyone related to the movie has done a good job in performance, direction, and all the fields. They all need a word of praise for the roles played by them to near perfection.

This can be considered as one of the best film contenders for 2017.