Refresh your mind with these movie apps

Technology has made our lives pretty entertaining. Whenever there is the availability of free time, we focus our attention towards entertaining ourselves with a movie, if we love watching them. The evolution of movie apps has become the perfect solution to overcome boredom. The apps are a real savior while traveling or while resting, as it lets you watch movies based on your personal preference. The movie apps are enriched with a huge database of movies, covering famous genres and preferred languages. The icing on the cake is the cost; most of the movie apps are available for free. So, if you are a movie buff who dislikes missing any movie, download one of the below-mentioned apps for optimum entertainment.

The Top Entertainers

  1. Showbox– The movie streaming app is a popular choice among Android and iOS users. The free app has an excellent user interface and downloading options, which makes it the most loved app. The app not only allows streaming and watching of movies online, but also gives the option of downloading it on the device, so that the user can watch the movie at their own convenience. If any issue persists with the app, the customer support is always there to resolve the issue.
  2. CinemaBox HD- The app belongs to the top slots in the best movie streaming apps category. The app comes from the house of Playbox HD, an app that was popular a few years back. The database of the playbox HD has been added on to the Cinema Box HD so that the user gets a giant library to choose from. The movie app also streams TV shows and documentaries. The free app supports Chromecast and is much easy to use when compared to other apps. The Cinemabox HD is a light app which also includes some great add-ons, kids’ mode, subtitle support, disconnected mode and more. The app is available both on Android and iOS devices.
  3. Daily Motion– The movie app belongs to France and is one of the biggest video sharing platforms. The app offers movie watching in different languages based on the input from the user. The platform has an easy interface with SEO capacity. Full 4K HD videos are also available on the app. The app allows customizing, governing and controlling of the channel. The app features sharing facility, by which the user can share videos with friends swiftly.
  4. You Tube– The app holds millions of users under its kitty. The platform allows easy access to movies, videos, TV shows and more. The app is free and can be fully accessed by means of a google account. The technology offers saving of videos that can be watched in the offline mode. The app gets numerous videos being uploaded on a daily basis, and these videos can be watched by anybody without any registration. The app allows sending of videos to television sets through the Chrome cast device. The platform even allows voice searches and enables parental controls for people having little children at home.


10 Best Movies of All Time

People all over the world are crazy about Hollywood movies and with so many being released every year, movie buffs find it hard to keep up. Some are blockbusters and box office heroes while others are failures. What makes a movie good is hard to pinpoint, for sometimes even a great story idea and good acting fails to hold the people. However, there are certain movies that are just all time classics.


The Godfather

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